Insights on Les Miserable Manila from the top…haha! :)

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“To love another person is to see the face of God.” Jean Valjean

Les Miserables has been touching the hearts of people all over the world…and now it has finally reached the Philippine shores. My heart soared when I heard that they were coming. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough budget to get a good seat in the front, but there was no way I was going to miss it.  My seat was literally at the backmost part of the theater (haha!), but I am still so glad I got to watch! It’s the first time I’ve cried over a musical.

Here are some of the thoughts and insights that floated inside my head while watching this amazing production from the top of the Solaire Theatre


  • I should have gotten better tickets *long sigh*. If you have the budget, please splurge for musicals!
  • Seeing the orchestra perform the music live was surreal! I’ve watched the DVD versions (10th and 25th anniversary) numerous times that seeing it performed live was a dream come true! Music is said to move the soul…and it definitely moved mine that afternoon.
  • Rachelle Ann Go was magnificent in this production. I liked how she convincingly portrayed the sickly, forsaken Fantine. She was so much in control of her singing—shifting from powerful vocals to soft, vulnerable ones. I’m so proud of her!
  • The A Little Fall of Rain (Marius and Eponine) and Bring Him Home (Jean Valjean) performances were so, so moving I made me teary-eyed. It was partly because the situation was so touching, and partly because of the actors interpreted it really well.
  • Seeing the actual play for the first time was incredible. Nothing beats seeing it live (this is just my opinion). The visual effects are spectacular. It’s amazing they were able to pull all that off on a stage.
  • Why is Les Miserables a classic? This is because in spite of all the heartbreaking events that happened, things like faith, love, hope, sympathy, and bravery prevail. These are things that make humans, humans. It’s why we survive and  why we are able to rise after falling.

A round of applause of Les Miserables Manila cast! You were fantastic!

What was your Les Miserables experience like? Tell me about it!

What’s your favorite musical experience so far?


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