Captain America: Civil War

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There has been a lot of hype for Captain America: Civil War. The trailer was very engaging, captivating people left and right, but what about the movie itself?


If you’re a fan of crossovers or semi-melodramatic superhero films then this film will most likely appeal to you. Marvel is one of the franchises that can make me watch action movies, and while I wasn’t on my toes the entire screening time, the film did have its moments.

Honestly, I like old Marvel movies better (Edward Norton as Hulk, Tobey Macquire as Spiderman, etc.). That being said, the film did have its charm because at least we already knew the backstory of the characters which made it easy to empathize with them (at least for me because I didn’t read the comics).

In my opinion, it’s better to see superheroes fight villains instead of fellow superheroes. I get that this is the whole point of the movie—and I’m all for complex superheroes/characters in general—but I prefer to be uplifted when watching this type of movies instead of being semi-emotionally frustrated and restless throughout. Maybe the movie could have injected a little bit more redemption for its characters?

Did the movie meet my expectations? Honestly, I didn’t have any. I, however, feel like it’s still a movie worth watching. The climax did deliver the ultimate crossover fight scene with the right amount of tension and humor.  I also appreciate how far Chris Evans has come in terms of acting (clap, clap!).  Acting in the movie was A+ actually.

What did you think of the movie?




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