DIVAS Live in Manila: The Power of 5

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The Philippines has a wealth of talent in the arts—from dancing, acting, writing, and singing. Singing is particularly popular in the entertainment industry, only because there is so much talent and diversity. While it is tough to standout in a country with so many talented singers and performers, these elite group of divas—Kyla, Rachelle Ann Go, KZ, Angeline Quinto, and Yeng Contsantino—did just that.

This November 11, 2016, they will be holding a one-night-only concert, DIVAS: Live in Manila at the Aranta Coliseum. Tickets sales will begin in August. 


before the press conference

At the press conference held at The Felicidad Mansion , the divas did a rendition of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful. The performance? It is well stated in the song’s title. No one tried to upstage her fellow performers. There was harmony, elegance, and passion. If this is a any indication of the kind of concert that we’ll be getting this November, then attending it will surely be 110% worth it.


Queen of R&B, Kyla, has been wowing audiences with her high notes and smooth runs for years. Her popularity recently reached another level with her rendition of On the Wings of Love, the theme song of a hit television series of the same name (starring Nadine Lustre and James Reid).  Other hits include Hanggang Ngayon (Until Now) as well  as her rendition of Sana Maulit Muli (Can We Start Over Again) with Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano.


Currently playing Fantine in the best selling musical, Les Miserables, West End Diva Rachelle Ann Go, has bought so much joy and pride to the Philippines. After pursuing the Philippine pop music scene, Rachelle discovered that her true calling was in musical theater, with Miss Saigon’s Gigi marking her memorable entrance to the international musical stage.


2011 Star Power champion  Power belter Angeline Quinto‘s performances are reminiscent of a young Regine Veslaquez. She, however, has bared her own singing persona to the world, making a name for herself in the industry.


Singing and song writing are two different talents. When a person possesses supreme talent in both, it makes him/her a force to be reckoned with. Pop-rock Superstar Yeng Costantino is just that. Known for self-composed hits such as Hawak Kamay  and Chinito, she continuously widens the OPM repertoire in this day and age when covering music is a thing.

Soul Supreme KZ may be relatively young in the industry compared to the prior four, but you’ll forget about that trivial piece of information once you hear her sing. Her raspy, crisp voice gives a song so much body and emotion, commanding the attention of the room with every note.


DIVAS: Live in Manila is brought to you by Cornerstone Concerts and is directed by Paul Basinillo. All five divas are managed by Cornertsone Management.


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