This Time: Can love survive time and distance? 

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I have been a JADINE fan since On the Wings of Love. It is the only Filipino television series I’ve been emotionally invested in. I have been wishing for this love team (real life couple also! ) to be given a semi-mature movie as well so when I found out about This Time, my heart did a somersault. Could this be the movie us JADINE fans  were waiting for?

Watch the trailer below to find out the premise of the movie.

I personally thought it was a great “kilig” movie! While the humor of the movie might have not tickled my funny bone every time, the rest of the movie was almost on point.

The story of the movie was refreshingly unique. I would have liked it to have been developed more, but overall, it was intriguing and engaging.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s natural chemistry was in full blast throughout the movie. They definitely did not disappoint. I love how strong and genuine the emotions were in the film—nakakadala!

This tandem has so much promise! I’d love to see JADINE grow as a love team,  but also, I’d like to see them grow as individual actors in the same way the John LLoyd-Bea did.

Meanwhile, here’s a question for readers:

Do you think it’s possible for love to survive time and distance? 

Share below in the comments.


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