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KC’s Closet: Luxury Fashion for a Cause

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Our dream of raiding a celebrity’s closet is finally a reality! Yay! ❤ On midnight of April 6, KC’s Closet, came to life. If you’re a foreigner reading this, allow me to introduce you to, Kristina Casandra Conception or KC, one of the most beautiful, talented, and kind-hearted people in the Philippine show business industry. While she is the daughter of two iconic Filipino celebrities: Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Conception, she has definitely stepped out of […]

Tim Tam Ong’s Stunning SPLENDOR Collection

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Last week, I was invited to SPLENDOR,  the launch of jewellery designer, Tim Tam Ong’s, new line. Tim Tam Ong is a jewellery designer from the Philippines. What began as her passion for beautiful things, flourished to an art form she now expresses through fashion, furnishings, and jewelry at the lifestyle boutique TIM TAM ONG “I create my pieces so that they are as original and unique as a fingerprint, and each piece is meant […]

Oscars 2016 fashion favorites <3

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Ahhhhh…the Oscars. It’s something I look forward to yearly. Aside from the entertaining and funny program prepared by the host (Good job Chris Rock. Hello Ellen, I’m waiting for you to host again.), and the incredible musical performances, I always look forward to the gowns. Kudos to the designers who dressed Hollywood’s finest. I wish that someday, I will be able to wear your incredible designs. Here are my favorite gowns of Oscars 2016. 1.) Nikki […]

Athleisure: What’s the buzz about ?

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  Gone are the days that jogger pants and trainers were meant for well, jogging alone. Athleisure has brought athletic wear to a whole new level of cool and sophistication. Millennials, particularly, can be seen sporting this hybrid fashion trend in school, in the mall, or even in clubs. It’s no surprise since athleisure is one versatile look. So what exactly is athleisure and why is it such a hit with millennials? From the word athleisure, you can make out two words, “athletic” and “leisure”. It’s basically mixing athletic with leisure/luxury pieces to create a look that’s comfortable enough for you to be on-the-go, but modishly chic for a casual party or a night out with friends. So does that mean that wearing a dress and sneakers is now fashion statement? Absolutely! As long as you style it right and wear the right items. The […]

Cinderella Reinvented: The magic of a makeover never ends

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Makeover moments never get stale. As a little girl, I felt the magic when Cinderella transformed into a princess and astonished all the people at the ball as she makes a grand entrance. Fast forward to the 20th – 21st century and you have a long string of makeover movies. The fairy godmother may no longer be there to wave her wand, but the magic of a makeover is still present. Deeper than the makeover […]