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DIVAS Live in Manila: The Power of 5

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  The Philippines has a wealth of talent in the arts—from dancing, acting, writing, and singing. Singing is particularly popular in the entertainment industry, only because there is so much talent and diversity. While it is tough to standout in a country with so many talented singers and performers, these elite group of divas—Kyla, Rachelle Ann Go, KZ, Angeline Quinto, and Yeng Contsantino—did just that. This November 11, 2016, they will be holding a one-night-only […]

Get fit like never before with Coach Jim and Toni Saret

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  They’re fit and healthy, and they want want you to be, too! Coach Jim and Toni Saret (husband and wife tandem) are seasoned fitness experts with an extensive background on fitness and nutrition. They train Filipinoe elite athletes including the PBA players. Guess what? They even train the Century Superbods! They are out to help Filipinos become fit and healthy, one lunge at a time. This 2016, they have quite a number of upcoming […]

Lisa Macuja: an interview with a living legend

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Lisa Macuja-Elizalde: An interview with a living legend by Jel Tordesillas  Lisa Macuja-Elizalde is undoubtedly one of my idols. I used to live, eat, and breathe ballet when I was growing up. It is one of the highlights of my childhood and teen years. Back then, hearing of someone who was handpicked to join the iconic Kirov Ballet was mind blowing, inspiring, and just plain amazing. Lisa was similar to a mythical creature that I couldn’t believe existed.  Some other […]

Athleisure: What’s the buzz about ?

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  Gone are the days that jogger pants and trainers were meant for well, jogging alone. Athleisure has brought athletic wear to a whole new level of cool and sophistication. Millennials, particularly, can be seen sporting this hybrid fashion trend in school, in the mall, or even in clubs. It’s no surprise since athleisure is one versatile look. So what exactly is athleisure and why is it such a hit with millennials? From the word athleisure, you can make out two words, “athletic” and “leisure”. It’s basically mixing athletic with leisure/luxury pieces to create a look that’s comfortable enough for you to be on-the-go, but modishly chic for a casual party or a night out with friends. So does that mean that wearing a dress and sneakers is now fashion statement? Absolutely! As long as you style it right and wear the right items. The […]

My love affair with musicals

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  I don’t sing. Correction. I can’t sing, which is why it’s strange that I’m a fan of musicals. I memorize the lyrics and stuff, and can  probably attempt to sing them—but it comes out more like reciting a poem. There are probably a lot more people who can relate to this sad, sad, reality. <insert crying smiley, haha!> I’m lucky that I live in a country (Philippines) that patronizes musicals. The Philippines has their share of […]