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The joy of a purposeful life

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“Two of the ultimate gifts that one can experience in life is: 1.) discovering your purpose; and 2.) celebrating it.” Growing up, I was sort of a romantic-idealist. I thought that life was similar to a Disney movie, where everything came easily and instantly. This made me overly optimistic and slightly naive in dealing with things. I graduated college thinking that I could do anything if I worked hard and prayed. Needless to say, that’s […]


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Sunlight  by Jel Tordesillas Looking beyond the window I see it shining through Looking beyond the window My pain is but a few! Thought I would never heal But now I am renewed Thought I would never heal But I’ve forgotten you! What a joy is to feel! What a joy is it to dance! What a join it is to laugh! I’m living once again! Read about Johann Espiritu

Insights on Les Miserable Manila from the top…haha! :)

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  “To love another person is to see the face of God.” Jean Valjean Les Miserables has been touching the hearts of people all over the world…and now it has finally reached the Philippine shores. My heart soared when I heard that they were coming. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough budget to get a good seat in the front, but there was no way I was going to miss it.  My seat was literally at the backmost […]

Tim Tam Ong’s Stunning SPLENDOR Collection

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Last week, I was invited to SPLENDOR,  the launch of jewellery designer, Tim Tam Ong’s, new line. Tim Tam Ong is a jewellery designer from the Philippines. What began as her passion for beautiful things, flourished to an art form she now expresses through fashion, furnishings, and jewelry at the lifestyle boutique TIM TAM ONG “I create my pieces so that they are as original and unique as a fingerprint, and each piece is meant […]

A Perfect Fit

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Fairy Tale Exercise Write a lyric poem in which you adopt the persona of a character from a fairy tale. For example, you could describe the way Snow White feels while she sleeps inside her coffin, or how the Prince feels as he holds Cinderella’s glass slipper in his hand. I chose- CINDERELLA. I figured it’ll be interesting to delve in the mind of the Cinderella and the Prince.   A PERFECT FIT image from: […]