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This Time: Can love survive time and distance? 

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I have been a JADINE fan since On the Wings of Love. It is the only Filipino television series I’ve been emotionally invested in. I have been wishing for this love team (real life couple also! ) to be given a semi-mature movie as well so when I found out about This Time, my heart did a somersault. Could this be the movie us JADINE fans  were waiting for? Watch the trailer below to find out the premise of […]

Why I got bit by the OTWOL bug: THE TOP 5 REASONS

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I admit, I am a fan of Filipino romantic movies, Bash and Popoy: check! Laida and Miggy: check! Ginny and Sir Marco: Check! <insert kilig grin> ….but I hardly ever follow a telenovela. JADINE’s (James Reid and Nadine Lustre) On the Wings of Love is the first telenovela I’ve ever been really and truly hooked, to the extent that I even followed the tweets, facebook posts, and instagram posts about the show. I’m really, really going to […]